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Papilio Machaon - Swallowtail

Flowers - Plants

Anemone coronaria - Poppy Anemone - Ανεμώνη


Tzelefos Medieval Bridge - Μεσαιωνικό Γεφύρη Τζελεφού

Landscapes - Places - Villages - Churches

Akrotiri Beach, Episkopi Bay - Παραλία στο Ακρωτήρι, Κόλπος Επισκοπής


Little Egret , Λευκοτσικνιάς, Egretta garzetta

Moth : Pyralidae : Pyralis farinalis

Moth of Cyprus : Pyralis farinalis
Family Name : Pyralidae
English Name : Meal Moth
Size : 19 - 32 mm

Hemiptera : Coridius viduatus

Hemiptera : Coridius viduatus
Family : Dinidoridae
English Common Name : Black Watermelon Bug
Size : 15mm

Episkopi Limassol - October

Orthoptera of Cyprus : Arachnocephalus vestitus

Orthoptera of Cyprus : Arachnocephalus vestitus

Moth : Geometridae : Xanthorhoe fluctuata

Moth of Cyprus : Xanthorhoe fluctuata
Family Name : Geometridae
English Name : Garden Carpet
Size : 22-31mm

Hemiptera : Dolycoris baccarum

Hemiptera : Dolycoris baccarum
Family : Pentatomidae
Size : 10 - 12.5 mm

Hemiptera : Codophila varia

Hemiptera : Codophila varia
Family : Pentatomidae
Size : 8.7–14 mm

Coleoptera : Cetoniidae : Protaetia (Netocia) cuprea subsp. ikonomovi

Insects of Cyprus
Coleoptera of Cyprus
Scientific Name : Protaetia (Netocia) cuprea subsp. ikonomovi
Endemic subspecies of Cyprus

Akrotiri Limassol -  June

Coleoptera of Cyprus

Coleoptera or Beetle :  The name Coleoptera, derived from the Greek words "koleos" meaning sheath and "ptera" meaning wings, refers to the modified front wings which serve as protective covers for the membranous hind wings.

Above is the list of Coleoptera of Cyprus those we find. For any corrections or identifications please contact me.

Latin Name Family Name
Larinus onopordi Curculionidae 
Rhytideres plicatus Curculionidae 
Protaetia (Netocia) cuprea subsp. Ikonomovi Cetoniidae